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Cost Estimating

All CSI Divisions  I  Realistic  I Custom

  • Cost Estimating of over 150 project types such as Buildings, Heavy/Civil, Waterfront, Mechanical and Electrical Systems

  • Cost Estimating of all CSI Divisions

  • Formatting Cost Estimates in UniFormat

  • Cost Estimating as at Design Levels from Pre-Conceptual, SD, DD, CD's and through to Bid Documents

  • Developing Cost Estimate in real time at design charrettes

  • Developing Cost Estimates during VE Studies as a VE Team Member

  • Project Specific Custom Work Breakdown Structures

  • Quantity surveying via on-screen take software

  • Estimates performed in MCACES II and Success 

  • Estimates performed in US Cost Success estimating software for US Navy projects

We provide Owners and A/E Firms cost data and support the information about the development so that our Owner's and A/E's have the advantage of making value-based decisions about the proposed scope of work throughout the project documents and design phases. ProDims experienced cost estimators are available at any point during project design, and for any level of detail required.

ProDims cost estimators have experience in all construction divisions and are proficient in the use of industry-standard estimating software, including MCACES II and Success. For custom applications, ProDims has developed estimating applications using detailed spreadsheets. Our estimators perform quantity on-screen take-offs using a variety of techniques, including electronic on-screen digitizing tools. 

ProDims cost estimating approach utilizes leading-edge tools and communication technologies that facilitate client service.

ProDims professional staff produces cost estimates that can be strategically used while screening design alternatives, for evaluating trade-offs, and for mitigating conflicting objectives. In addition to construction cost estimating, we provide alternative cost estimates for value engineering studies, perform life-cycle cost analyses, and provide owner soft cost estimates.

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