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As President of ProDims LLC, Duane provides overall management to all projects ensuring that clients are satisfied with our services and that the resources of our firm are available for projects. He is also responsible for monitoring ProDims personnel time and project budgets, reviewing billings, and providing technical services and oversight. In this capacity, he is responsible for overseeing project controls procedures and making sure they are followed correctly and to the client’s satisfaction.



Dennis has over 32 years of experience developing  cost estimates for many different project types. He has assisted on design review and participated on value engineering teams. Dennis is skilled in the development of detailed cost estimates for all CSI divisions including mechanical and electrical systems (and formatting the estimates in 12 Uniformat cost categories) for heavy/civil projects through structures and buildings. 

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scott battrick

Scott has developed cost estimates for many project types from conceptual and pre-design studies through complete plans and specifications estimates throughout the design phases of SD, DD's and CD's. He has a broad depth of skills and can develop cost estimates in all CSI Masterformat Divisions as well and formatting the estimates in the 12 Uniformat  cost categories.

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