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Integration  I  Management  I  Controls

As part of the full range of project and construction management services, ProDims offers our clients professional quality assurance (QA) and inspection services. We establish plans and procedures at the program level that flow through to multiple projects within a program. These program level plans set the performance standards and methods for measuring, evaluating, auditing, and reporting performance. We work closely with our clients to establish the procedures for handling situations when performance deviates from the standard.

Since ProDims project controls are the basis of our project management philosophy, our quality plans are tied into our clients’ overall project management plans. Our QA and inspection services help control quality throughout the life of a project – from pre-construction through design, construction, close-out, start-up, commissioning, and operation and maintenance.

ProDims quality control services, including hands-on monitoring, inspection, and reporting, ensure that standards are being met. Our experienced staff possesses the qualifications for any assigned tasks. Prior to construction, our inspectors verify that the suppliers meet the standards set by the owner’s plan and work with the entire team for safety and quality, minimizing expensive disagreements over correcting any errors or defects during construction.