Time  I  Cost-Effective  I  Quality

ProDims partners with our clients to provide the full range of project management services, from inception through completion, controlling the project time, cost, and quality. ProDims team members have extensive experience managing projects designed and constructed under state, federal, and United States

Army Corps of Engineers specifications.

ProDims has the experience and ability to ensure that all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, policies, and procedures are enforced on each project, with staff members who are committed to assisting our clients in achieving project goals with the highest possible quality results.


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  • Rail

  • Airports

  • Marine / Ports

  • Roads and Bridges

  • Tunnels

  • Transit Facilities

  • Bus / Maintenance Facilities

  • Parking Facilities


  • University

  • Community and Technical Colleges

  • K-12 Schools


  • Sports Complexes

  • City Halls

  • Courthouses

  • Fire Stations

  • Libraries

  • Police Departments

  • Hospitals


  • Military Facilities

  • US Air Force

  • US Army Corps of Engineers

  • US Coast Guard

  • US Navy

Commercial & Residential

Water Quality

  • Hotels

  •  Office / Retail Buildings

  • Public Housing Complexes

  • Biotech / Pharmaceutical Facilities

  • Clean Water Facilities

  • Wastewater Facilities

  • Combined Sewer Overflow

  • Pipelines and Conveyance Systems

  • Pump Stations