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  • Master Schedule Phasing

  • Cost/Resource Loaded

  • Bid Packaging

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Milestone Visibility

  • Contract Interference Visibility

  • Schedule Review

  • Claims Avoidance

  • Design Schedules

  • Schedule Updates

  • Pre-design alternatives

  • Construction Schedules

  • Schedule Updates

  • Subcontractor Coordination



Communication  I  Planning  I Controls

ProDims scheduling services, a cornerstone of project controls, provides our clients with the critical communication and planning tools used to manage their projects.

ProDims offers expert scheduling personnel and services that are supported by leading-edge technologies. Our schedulers possess proficiency in all industry-standard scheduling software, including Primavera Project Planner, SureTrak, and Microsoft Project.

ProDims scheduling services range from high level conceptual systems to detailed sequencing. Our schedulers analyze all project phase elements, from feasibility through design, construction, closeout, and start-up. They are available to support clients from the program to the project level, as part of on-site project teams, as well as on an as-needed basis.

ProDims scheduling services provide the information that allows our clients to anticipate and mitigate problems later in the project life cycle, make adjustments as required, and retain the overall project value.

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