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  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Team Assembly

  • In-Office Study Facilities

  • VE Study Report Generation

  • VE Alternatives Presentations

  • VE Methodology Orientation

  • Alternatives Cost Estimating

  • Project Control Specialists

  • Scheduling Specialists

  • Constructability Specialists

  • Civil Engineering Specialists


Functionality I  Cost I Control

In the current climate of tightening budgets, quality control standards, and ever increasing regulations, ProDims Value Engineering (VE) services help our clients maximize their projects’ value.  For construction projects, VE utilizes a multi-disciplined architectural/engineering team, independent of the original design group.  Early application of VE methodology provides our clients with information required to identify the basic functions of their project, to seek feasible alternatives, and to develop selected alternatives and prove their feasibility.  ProDims presents these alternatives in a manner that ensures successful implementation of the alternatives, and optimizes the project functionality, cost, and value.


At ProDims, we are committed to the professional standards and application of VE, as defined by the Society of American Value Engineers (SAVE). Our VE approach emphasizes “improved value,” in addition to cost reduction. 


We have an extensive network of experienced VE team specialists from all relevant disciplines, which allows us to quickly mobilize a quality VE team for any construction project. 


By utilizing ProDims VE services, our clients increase their bottom line profits, validate good stewardship of public funds, improve resource utilization, improve customer satisfaction, and maximize overall quality, while retaining the original intent of the design.

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